Helping food companies be circular & sustainable

Our enabling technology creates new ingredients with
superior functionality
that nourish human health.

Addressing key pain points
in food production


Contribute 30% of GHGs,
30% of food is wasted

Local secure supply chains & lower carbon footprint


Seeking tasty, affordable, healthy & clean label products

Local secure supply chains & lower carbon footprint

60% disappointed in
plant-based offerings

SomaTech uses natural fermentation processes to valorise agrifood commodities, building secure, local, circular supply chains.

We create new ingredients with superior functionality that also
nourish human health.

Ingredient portfolio

Multifunctional ingredients, more digestible, palatable & clean label.

Rapid & versatile process

Smart formulations to meet evolving market needs.

Scalable solutions

Automated & modular approach enables customers to meet demand.

We make fermented ingredients from a wide range of processing by-products & plant-based feedstocks

Alcohol & sugar processing

Milling side streams

Oil Press Cakes

Seeds & Grains


  • Rich in protein, fibers & low in sugar
  • Improved nutrition & enhanced gut health (prebiotics)
  • Better digestibility
  • Reduced antinutrients
  • Multi-functional applications;
     – Shelf life extender
     – Emulsifier & binder
     – Reduces off flavour (bitter & beany off notes) 


Fermented ingredients with a wide range
of food applications

Breakfast cereals & bars

Smoothies & shakes


Baked goods

Meat analogs

Savory snacks

Our solid state fermentation technology enables sustainable transformation of side streams into
high value ingredients


Low carbon footprint (Scope IV)

Secure supply & high value

Multifunctional & clean label


Low carbon footprint

Secure supply & high value

Multifunctional & clean label


Local & circular

Waste reduction

Highly versatile

The Team has been working 40 years in scientific research in academia & industry. With over 60 peer reviewed articles.

Tony HD

Dr Tony Callaghan (CEO)​

Biotechnologist, scale up, project management.
PhD in Fungal Ecology & Taxonomy.
Working in large scale solid state fermentation process optimisation


Dr Alejandra Omarini (CTO)

Food biotechnology, fermentation process.
PhD in Molecular & Fungal Biotech.
Expert in strain development & fermented ingredient optimisation

Extensive partner, customer and
stakeholder network

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