Helping food companies be circular & sustainable

SomaTech’s mission is to bring a solution to the food industry which solves several key issues around sustainability
while creating a new value chain of delicious, functional ingredients.

Key pain points for global food production

Contributes 30% of global GHG emissions
while 30% of food is wasted

Global instability & climate change
causes supply chain disruption

60% consumers unhappy with plant-based foods

Customers are seeking tasty, affordable,
healthy & clean label products

Our Technology

We are bringing the ancient technique of Solid-State Fermentation to the modern food industry. Enabling food companies to create tasty, healthy ingredients for people and planet.

Fungi have the ability to enhance the digestibility, nutritional composition and functionality of foods. They can improve the way we live, with major applications in food, medicine, chemistry, textiles and construction.

SomaTech’s solid state fermentation platform unleashes the power of mushroom mycelium​. Our scalable, modular approach allows the utilisation of a wide range of plant based substates.


Our first product SomaMeal is a fermented ingredient made from brewers spent grain. It can be used in a wide range of food applications, bringing taste, texture and functionality. SomaMeal is a sustainable ingredient which can be used at a low inclusion adding umami and juiciness

Food Applications​


Using ubiquitous food processing side streams,
we enable food companies to reduce waste & lower carbon emissions,
while creating high value ingredients.

1 Tonne SomaTech flour upcycles

3 Tonnes Brewers Spent Grain providing

10,000 meals

The Team

The founders are seasoned entrepreneurs with Scientific backgrounds in research & industry. They are bringing their skills to help the food industry solve key challenges.

Dr Tony Callaghan (CEO)​

Biotechnologist,​ Scale Up, Project management​.

Dr Alejandra Omarini (CTO)

Food Biotechnology, Fermentation Process

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